Our Testimonials


This is Biscuit, previously Katara. She’s brought so much energy to our home and we love her even if she’s definitely cheeky and has a lot of opinions! She’s a very smart pup and figures things out pretty quickly. We’re still working on some manners and she gets better every day.

We had a really good experience with Taniya  from start to finish in terms of responsiveness and willingness to help. Driving down and back from Canada in a day to pick her up made for a very long day but it was completely worth it! We’re very happy with our pup and how she came to us. She had clearly been well taken care of while she was still with Taniya🙂

-Biscuit the Pomsky

My best friend in the whole world, Wiley! He’s 1 year 8 months, pretty sure his parents were Keenu and Maya. We live on the Oregon coast where he’s my partner in surfing, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, camping and long road trips everywhere in the Pacific Northwest. I recently registered him as my emotional support animal because his companionship has truly made me a happier and less anxious person. He is the goofiest little Tasmanian devil, but he’s MY devil!

-Wiley the Siberian Husky



This is Pawblo Eskobark, he’s 5months old! He’s my sweet, goofy boy. Super cuddly with boundless energy! He does a really great balancing act, like a little mountain goat. He’s a master bird hunter, literally grabs them out of the sky. He’s also a very good boy, one of the top dogs in his training class. Pawblo is going through lots of training classes to become a therapy pup that visits children and adults in the hospitals. He LOVES babies and small children thanks to the wonderful family that raised him. Really, there is no one he doesn’t get along with. He loves kitties so much that he can’t figure out why they don’t love him back lol. This guy has so much personality! He kills me. I love him to the moon and back. I am beyond glad that he is in my life. And yes, he sits around my neck like a little scarf while we drive. That’s been his spot since the very first day he came home with me. He’s the biggest Mama’s boy! He gives me those big puppy eyes and jumps in to my arms to be held and loved💗

-Pawblo the Pomsky

Hello! This my 1.5 year old Akira. His mom was Maya and dad was Keenu. He is a beautiful boy with an amazing temperament. He is on the bigger side at 65lbs and very rambunctious. My husband and I were blessed to find Taniya and adopt our little guy. His litter name was Akira and my husband and I knew we wanted to name a dog after his favorite anime movie Akira so we were set on him the minute we met Akira as a pup.

-Akira the Siberian Husky



Meraki Moon Pomskies - Testimonials
Sloan is absolutely by far the most amazing, beautiful, smart, silly, & super chill temperament.. I can’t even say, enough about him.. (I might be a little biased because I’m Grammy😂) but he seriously gets SOOOO many compliments on his color & his temperament.. He is such a special boy & we are all forever grateful for Taniya!
If I could afford to buy one for myself I would in a heart beat! I’m gonna win the lotto & buy all her puppies haha!! He is such a huge part of all our lives.. I can’t imagine our lives without him, he is the most amazing soul.. I have a hard time even calling him a dog 😂 we are all so protective over him! I rarely support breeders, but, TANIYA I will always support! I know how much she LOVES all her babies & she is so thorough on who she sells too.. If everyone cared as much as her, we wouldn’t have overcrowded shelters we do now..

-Sloan the Siberian Husky