Our Dogs

Ready to meet your new puppies mom and dad?

This page displays all of our current breeding dogs and their health testing certifications. Meraki Moon and all of it’s purebred furry friends are registered members American Kennel Club, and receive regular eye exams.
Here at Meraki Moon, we take breeding seriously. All of our Mama’s are properly cared for, pampered, and are only bred 4 to 5 times during their life. We choose to do this so we don’t endanger any of our animals lives and ensure their health and happiness on our beautiful property.
If you have any questions about our dogs, or ethics, please contact us and we’d be happy to chat.

Our Pomskies

Malakai Zeus

Pomsky Stud
Meraki Moons Malakai Zeus 35 lb
Born: 2018

Kavik Wolf

Future Pomsky Stud
Meraki Moons Kavik Wolf 13 lb
Born: 2019

Kira Autumn

Future Pomsky Momma
Meraki Moons Kira Autumn 14 lb
Born: 2019

Rakasha Rain

Future Pomsky Momma
Meraki Moons Rakasha Rain 12 lb
Born: 2019

Our Siberian Huskies

Yuna Willow

AKC Siberian Husky Mama
Meraki Moons Yuna Willow 45 lb
Born: 2018

Kita Faye

AKC Siberian Husky Mama
Meraki Moons Kita Faye 50 lb
Born: 2017

Tashi Diamond

AKC Future Siberian Husky Mama
Meraki Moons Tashi Diamond
Born: 2019

Our Pomeranians


AKC Pomeranian Stud
Meraki Moons Todo 4 lb
Born: 2017


AKC Future Pomeranian Stud
Meraki Moons Milo 4.5 lb
Born: 2019

New Pom TBA

AKC Pomeranian Stud Coming Soon
Meraki Moons
Born: 2018