Guardianship Program

What is a Guardianship Program?

A guardian home is someone who takes over guardianship of one of our breeding dogs, for no cost, during their breeding years and stays the doggies forever home once retired!
The breeder (me), will provide breeding related vet visit costs and a legally binding contract for both parties to sign.
Here are the requirements:
  • -Must fill out an application and be approved
  • -No intact dogs in the home
  • -Must have experience with the breed
  • -Must have adequate fencing to keep the dog safe
  • -Must live no more then two hours from Waterloo, Oregon and provide the dog for breeding/whelping.
  • -Must be willing and able to provide all the dogs needs; grooming, non breeding related vet visits, necessities, physical exercise and mental stimulation.


Please contact me if interested in our guardianship program
This is Kita. She is a 50 lb Semi Wooly Siberian Husky. She is very friendly with male dogs, but can be dominant with females. Most always if there is a male dog around. She is shy of strangers at first. She can get overly excited around small children, older children is preferred. Energy level is low for her breed and her breeding career is nearly over at almost 4 years of age! But will still run and play with other dogs and children for many years to come!