Puppy is a pet / companion (i.e., not for breeding).  SELLER does not evaluate nor declare Puppy to be of show quality. Puppies sold for breeding or show purposes must have specific authority from SELLER.

Payment in full must be made prior to BUYER taking possession, which should be when Puppy is between 8 and 9 weeks old and no later than _________________; final payment must be paid prior to possession via cash..  Failure to make final payment as agreed allows SELLER rights to re-sell Puppy.

48 Hour Health Guarantee.  

SELLER guarantees that upon BUYER’S possession, puppy is (1) deemed in good health by a licensed veterinarian and, (2) immunized and de-wormed per Puppy’s provided heath record.  48 hours is presumed sufficient for any health issue to show and be determined by BUYER. SELLER excludes from the 48 hour Health Guarantee and BUYER accepts puppy with the following conditions: □none or  □___________________________________________________________. BUYER may at its own expense have Puppy examined by BUYER’S veterinarian.  To qualify for the Health Guarantee, BUYER must notify SELLER within 48 hours from date of possession and provide any veterinarian’s findings if Puppy is not in good health. SELLER may re-examine Puppy at SELLER’s cost.

Guarantee DOES NOT INCLUDE conditions that are minor, correctable, caused by BUYER (including heat stroke, exhaustion, dehydration and other heat-related conditions), minor breed-related or will subside / diminish with time or growth, or contagious disease diagnosed after 72 hours’ time of possession.  Guarantee does not apply if BUYER refuses to provide Puppy to SELLER’s Veterinarian for examination. If a minor condition does not subside or diminish, then Puppy is deemed not to be in good health and SELLER will resume possession of puppy and reimburse BUYER with another puppy within a reasonable amount of time as dictated by the litters currently available to SELLER.

Hip Dysplasia, Hereditary Cataracts, Corneal Dystrophy, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy are guaranteed by SELLER for 2 years from date of agreement under the same terms as above.  No warranty is given to BUYER for any special purpose or function of Puppy.

BUYER’s Responsibility.  

BUYER acknowledges that husky and pomsky breeds have a double coat and can be sensitive to heat if clipped/shaved and agrees to never clip or shave puppy. Puppy should always have access to water, more so in high temperatures (kiddie pools are great).  BUYER agrees to be responsible for Puppy and its behavior and, further, to take good care of Puppy, including but not limited to: feeding Puppy a high-quality food, giving adequate water, maintaining shots, and using a harness or leash in public and when away from Buyer’s home. Buyer will provide a safe outdoor area for Puppy that is fenced and/or secure and agrees to give Puppy good physical and emotional care.  If Puppy is found to be running at large, creating a public nuisance, neglected, abused or kept in poor health or other conditions, BUYER consents without further notice or process to allow SELLER the rights to take possession of Puppy with no refund to BUYER. BUYER consents to allow a certified Trainer to consult with BUYER and evaluate Puppy in the event of any dispute about the condition, health or welfare of Puppy.  The death, poor condition, injury or loss of Puppy due to theft, carelessness, recklessness, abuse, neglect, heat stroke or accident will not entitle BUYER to any compensation from SELLER. Puppy is not to be used for any illegal or immoral activities and is not to be used for breeding, or any type of “puppy mill”, dog farm or other mass producing or money-making operation. If Puppy is found to be used for any of the said activities without SELLER’s consent, SELLER is entitled to $1,500 plus sales amount from BUYER for each bred puppy sold and has all rights to the repossession of Puppy and offspring with no refund to BUYER.

Return Policy.  

If BUYER is unable to keep Puppy for any reason, BUYER will notify SELLER, return Puppy to SELLER and only rehome with SELLER’s permission and right of first refusal.  If Puppy is for sale by BUYER without first notifying SELLER of the intent to rehome Puppy, SELLER may elect to repossess Puppy and BUYER forfeits all rights to Puppy with no refund.  BUYER agrees not to sell Puppy to any retail company or establishment. If BUYER is found to be in breach of the Return Policy BUYER must pay to SELLER $1,500 and the amount Puppy is sold for.

SELLER reserves the right and BUYER allows SELLER to consult a trainer to observe and reasonably examine and work with Puppy if: 1) BUYER is unhappy with Puppy for any reason, 2) Puppy is to be re-homed, or 3) SELLER becomes aware BUYER is not fulfilling its Responsibilities (above).


□For additional cost of $ _____________, paid in advance, Puppy  □to be shipped to BUYER, FOB shipping point;  □may be bred.

SELLER’s Responsibility.

SELLER provides a sample of current puppy food, collar and leash if needed, toy and, bowl  to BUYER along with Puppy’s health records and registration paperwork. Puppy has been de-wormed at weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8, vaccinated at 8 weeks of age, and checked for heart murmur, cleft palate, umbilical hernia and overbites.

SELLER will periodically check with BUYER to ensure Puppy is well-cared for and BUYER agrees to periodically update SELLER, providing photos on Puppy’s progress, if asked.

This is the entire agreement and it is binding.  Disputes will be resolved by binding arbitration in Linn County, Oregon, reasonable attorney fees to be paid by prevailing party.  Changes to this contract must be in writing and signed by both parties. Each party has read it, understands it and agrees to abide by its terms.

By selecting the ‘I AGREE’ button below you are accepting all of the above terms and conditions of the Meraki Moon Pomskies adoption contract. Failure to comply with the contract standards and adoption process will result in the termination of the adoption process.