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Meraki Moon family!

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If you decide to place a deposit, you will save your spot on our waiting list. Those on our waiting list have first pick of our puppies. It’s an upgrade from our mailing list.

We’ve streamlined the first stage of the application process for adopting one of our puppies to help us screen through all potential candidates. We take the act of homing our puppies extremely seriously. We only sell puppies to people we believe will give them a safe and caring home, so please be prepared to show that you do.

When you adopt a puppy from Meraki Moon, you’re becoming a part of our family. We don’t exit your life after the adoption process. We care deeply about our dogs and will contact you to check up on them throughout their lives, because we’re family.

If we do not have any current puppies available please DO still fill out this form. We will contact you via our mailing list when the next litter arrives. If you do get to adopt one of our puppies, congratulations!

All Meraki Moon Pomskies arrive with complimentary care packages. Once you receive your puppy, they are insured with a 72 hour health guarantee and a 2 year genetic health guarantee.

Please DO contact us with any questions or concerns you may have!

We DO NOT sell breeding rights and have a strict policy on breeding our puppies.

Upon approval of your application a $450 non-refundable deposit fee will be due to hold your puppy. This goes towards the total adoption fee. We do not hold puppies without a deposit.

By filling out the application it is assumed you will be adopting a puppy within a year.

Please DO NOT fill out this application if you are not ready to adopt.

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This application is for current & upcoming litters!

We’re so excited to hear from you and expand our Pomsky loving family!
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