Meraki Moon Pomskies

Established in 2015

Here at Meraki Moon Pomskies we pride ourselves on what makes us different. For starters, we’re a small hobby breeder having 3 to 5 litters a year. We first started breeding in 2015 and had a bit of a rough start. Having a few failed artificial inseminations (breeding isn’t always rainbows) we persevered and dived deep into genetics. With our continued research we now specialize in color coat genetics are knowledge leaders in producing quality pomsky puppies.
Based in Lebanon Oregon, our dogs have access to a luscious green acre they call their own. Most importantly, we do not have kennels. Our dogs are free to roam and play by day and crated indoors at night. We purposely have only few dogs so that we can ensure that they all get the time and energy they deserve. They are all well taken care of physically, mentally and emotionally! Our mamas are bred a total of 4-5 times total in their life time to ensure their health. They are fed quality dog food, enjoy cow hooves as a treat, and frolic in kiddie pools during  the summer!
All our dogs and puppies are socialized with children of all ages. Our children love dogs, and our dogs love children! We also understand that with the economy not everyone can afford a 4k puppy, and we want everyone to enjoy the love of a pomsky. Since we keep our number of dogs low, we are able to offer the best valued, top quality Pomskies in the northwest!